Who We Are

Family Worship Center is a church that understands the value of friendliness and compassion. We are a community that is always ready to welcome new people into our fellowship.

 We’re a place for Friendships.

Nothing compares with Christian relationships. That’s why it is a priority of ours to build lasting relationships. The good news is that this circle is ever growing. Come and see if you will not be included too.

We’re a place for Growing.

We believe that the Word of God not only develops us intellectually, but it also guides us spiritually. We find God’s Word to be His voice to man because it is alive and relevant for today. We welcome you to grow with us.

We’re a place for Worship.

This is the primary reason we meet together. We’re here to focus out attention on God and bring Him the praise due His name. Each gathering is a special occasion for spiritual encouragement as well as an opportunity for being refreshed in His presence. We hope you will come and experience the goodness of our God.

We’re a place for Service.

We understand that those who receive are expected to give as well. We except our responsibility to give back to God by reaching out to others through serving, both the body within the church as well as those outside our fellowship.

Family Worship Center invites you to come and experience what God is doing in and through His people.